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Canopy Tour (ONE DAY)

Pick up time:......9:00 a.m. approximately.
Duration:...........6 hours

Early in the morning we will leave the busy city and head up to the mountains surrounding our Central Valley. Along the way you will be able to drive by some typical Costa Rican Towns and enjoy the variety of vegetation, and the scenery of coffee fields and ornamental plants. As we ascend you will experience the climate changes, a common characteristic of our country.

The canopy Tour is a once in a lifetime experience, consisting of sliding in a cable between platforms over the forest. The total length of the wires is more than 2 kms. between 12 platforms. The San Lorenzo Canopy has one of the longest cables in all Central American Canopies with a little more than 700 meters long.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the valley and the tropical forest, while you enjoy our two groups of cables: The Forest and the Adventure Cables. Finishing the tour, after a short walk to La Gran Vista Restaurant, enjoy a delicious lunch and a great view.